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Who Are We

My name is Sebastian Ballesteros, I am a student athlete currently playing soccer in a NCAA D2 school in Texas. Whenever I wanted to play soccer in the United States, I was in need of a good highlight video, and where I am from (Dominican Republic) there were not any companies that provided that service. So, I had to make my own video.

I learned how to film and edit sports. I ended up with a very nice video that allowed me to get a scholarship and play soccer in the United States. Whenever I saw that this could be a reality for more athletes that is when I decided to start the company and provide this service.

Our Mission

Overdelivery is our standard.

Why Choose Us?

Pro graphics, player isolation, in-video player information, instant replay, custom team colors.

We are not satisfied unless you’re happy with your highlight video.

Your highlight video is the best way to get recruited, It’s a great investment in your athletic career.